Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Cooper City Home Has Mold From Hurricane

This Cooper City home due to wind driven rain seeping in the walls from hurricane Irma had a mold problem. In this picture you can see where we had to remove the drywall.

Miramar Home Containment

This is a photo of containment we installed in a home after hurricane Irma. We were cautious not to damage the customers floor. Also the containment was built to keep mold from spreading. 

Cooper City Home Has Ceiling Damage

In the picture of this Cooper City home you can see their ceiling has been damaged due to a storm. The water has leaked thru the roof to the ceiling causing this problem the area you see will have to be cut out and replaced.

Miramar Home Damage From Storm

This Miramar home has damage from wind driven rain. The storm water seeped into the walls and ceiling causing major damage to this home.  You can see in the picture where we are going to cut the drywall.

Storm Damage Davie Home

In this Davie home you can see the damaged caused by a water leak in the roof. The storm had heavy rains and wind driving the water into the ceiling and walls of the home.

Wind Driven Rain Floods Cooper City Home

The wind was so strong and the fell rain so hard it forced the rain thru the cracks on the outside wall.

You can see the damage it has caused to the wall.