Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Cooper City Home Has Mold

This home in Cooper City has a large mold problem as you are able to see. All of these walls are going to be cut out the remove the mold.

Pembroke Pines Mold Removal

In this photo you can see that we had to cut the drywall. It was covered with mold. Also parts of the floor had to be removed. They were also covered in mold. 

Mold Problem In Cooper City Home

In this photo of this Cooper City home you can see the drywall we have already cut. Also you can see the mold on the drywall remaining that is going to also be cut.

Pembroke Pines Home Mold Problem

In this picture you can see the drywall we had to cut out of this home in Pembroke Pines. The drywall had to be removed because of mold and you can see where we already replaced drywal on the left. 

In the process of building a larger containment

As you can see our expert technician is building a larger containment in an exercise room. This containment will stop the mold from spreading to other areas in the building. This is an excellent job.  

Containment built by our technicians

This is a picture of a containment built by our expert technicians to keep mold from spreading to other areas of this home. They have done a really good job here as you can see how neat and professional the containment looks.