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Storm Damage Testimonials

I don't know how SERVPRO could improve--they were so efficient and did very well.

Thank you! The SERVPRO team was courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. They were also patient when explaining the process and answering my many questions. Kudos!

During Hurricane Irma I thought I was going to have to shut my business down for a few days costing me a lot of money. Thanks to SERVPRO I never had to close my doors not even for a second Thank you so much being able to help me.  

Dear Fellow Congregants,

While Hurricane Irma might seem like a distant memory, it’s still impacting the lives of many folks throughout South Florida. With the exception of some downed trees and power outages, most of us came through the storm with no real issues. Others were not as fortunate. Our synagogue community was one of the first to mobilize and help our neighbors in need and our efforts made a real difference. Thank you.

As you may know, Ramat Shalom was damaged during Irma. In addition to downed trees and damaged fencing on our school playground, there were several roof leaks and our office building flooded. Immediately after the storm, we contacted our insurance company and restoration specialists so that we could begin getting our synagogue back to normal. Given the amount of damage in our area, the process has been slow, but we are moving forward.

It was determined that water intruded the office building through cracks in the foundation. These cracks have been sealed. Water-damaged built-ins in Rabbi Andrew’s office have been removed. The dry wall in the Rabbi’s and Cantor’s offices, as well as in a storage closet, has been replaced. Painting has begun and we expect new carpeting to be installed in the office building this week. For the most part, all of these repairs are being paid for by our insurance company. A big thank you to Adam Greenstein, the owner of SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City. He and his staff came out the day after Irma to begin the restoration and repair process in our office building and donated a great deal of their time and resources to ensure that things could get back to normal as quickly as possible. (Mazal Tov to Adam and his new wife Lara, who were married this past weekend!)

During hurricane Irma it was very hard to get someone to come to my house they were so busy. SERVPRO did show up that night and I was very happy. Thank you !

My office had a water leak in thru the walls during hurricane Irma Yoandi showed up fast with his crew fixing the problem.